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PROJECT Overview

By rebranding the Cambie Hostel with a young and fun atmosphere, we hope to attract young travelers around the world and enjoy the beautiful city.
The Cambie Hostel offers comfortable accommodation, fun activities, deals and promotions, tour packages, and cheap eats and drinks at their bar located in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. We want to create a set of visual designs of The Cambie including brand guideline, stationary designs, signages, and other print goods to communicate and enhance the experience of the Cambie Hostel.


Timeline:  3months
Co-designers:  Janani Ramesh / Victoria Marshall
My Role:  Logo Design / Stationary Design / Brand Guideline
Primary Users:  International Young Travelers


- Final Logotypes -
Designed by Elicia Han
- Ideations and Sketches -

Sketched by Elicia Han and Victoria Marshall

- Iterations -

Designed by Elicia Han

Iterated by Janani Ramesh

Brand guideline Book design

Designed by Elicia Han

- Selected Pages -

- Stationary Design -
Designed by Elicia Han
Designed by Elicia Han
Designed by Victoria Marshall
Designed by Victoria Marshall
- Postcard & Guidebook Design -

Designed by Janani Ramesh

- Tag Design -

Designed by Victoria Marshall

- Product Design -

Designed by Victoria Marshall

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